The Successful launch of the AI.STARTUP.HUB

In May 2022, the AI.STARTUP.HUB was successfully launched in Hamburg. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate for four years to support AI startups from Northern Germany with an entrepreneurial approach to scale.

We as AI.HAMBURG together with 5 other partners (Hamburg InnovationARICGerman EntrepreneurshipExponential Innovation InstituteMLE) got to work and developed a comprehensive accelerator and mentoring program to support startups in everything they need to scale internationally, including

  • AI Startup fundamentals & Product-Market-Fit
  • Investor Readiness & Financing
  • Go-to-Market Strategy and Digital Sales & Multi-Channel Marketing
  • International Readiness & Global Scaling
  • Corporate Matching
  • Soft Skills, Culture and Leadership
  • AI & Tech Consulting

Already 17 AI startups supported in the Acceleration Program  

The first batch started in May with 8 outstanding AI startups from a wide range of application fields. 

🚀Adtriba â€“ Future-Proof Marketing Measurement and Optimization

🚀ai-omatic â€“ Revolutionizing machine maintenance with a digital assistant that helps engineers reduce unplanned downtime by using explainable AI

🚀Cauliflower â€“ Generating meaningful insights from language at scale to enable companies to better understand the preferences and needs of their audience

🚀Dealcode AI – Guiding selling software for B2B sales

🚀Katulu â€“ Federated Learning & Edge Management at scale for value-adding insights across industrial ecosystems with full data sovereignty

🚀Panda â€“ AI for industrial production to reduce waste and automate quality control

🚀repath â€“ Location-specific, easy-to-use, fully automated SaaS-Solution, which enables organizations to identify their future physical climate risks and take necessary adaptation measures to mitigate the identified risks

🚀verlingo â€“ AI-supported, DSGVO-compliant and user-friendly recruiting and HR solutions.

At the end of the batch, the startups were able to present themselves to the public and investors at a final event.

In October, our second batch started with 9 more exciting AI startups.

🚀3DSpark â€“ The “comparison engine for components”, identifies the cheapest, fastest, and most sustainable manufacturing process for each component, currently focused on industrial 3D printing

🚀KONVOI â€“  Offers the first preventive and updateable security solution for trucking companies to protect against cargo or diesel theft and driver assaults

🚀encentice â€“ flexOn connects all kind of energy assets like heat pumps, chillers or photovoltaic to reduce energy costs up to 20% by utilizing AI to optimize demand

🚀CLOUDSUPPLIES â€“ Reduce IT tickets by 30% in 90 days with AI-Automation

🚀inlinity â€“ Inlinity’s Explainable AI (XAI) enables the use of AI technology even where its “black box” nature has been an insurmountable obstacle, with a focus on applications in the financial industry

🚀dpv analytics â€“ Was founded with the vision of setting new standards in long-term ECG diagnostics and thus in cardiac and stroke prophylaxis

🚀Halbestunde â€“ AI sheet music reader transposes the sheet music so that you can listen to it, follow notes and keys and start practicing right away 

🚀Marine Digital â€“ Delivers advanced energy efficiency analytics and optimisation tools for maritime supply chain and vessel operations

🚀FUSE AI â€“ Wants to reduce misdiagnosis and increase reporting efficiency in radiology – worldwide – with AI.

Start of the additional Ideation Program 

In October 2022, we additionally launched an Ideation Program to support young teams in the development of prototypes and with capital. We have selected 4 teams for this program. In November, Team UrbView was honored as the winner of this year’s Innovation in Digital Equality Award (IDEA) by the Hamburg Senate at Hamburg City Hall.

In total after 7 months we have already supported 21 AI startups & teams and have conducted many workshops and 1:1 mentoring meetings.

With in person workshops, monthly hangouts and other events, we ensure that the startups and teams also network with each other.  

Starting in 2023 we will network even more with the other AI Hubs in Berlin, Munich, and Darmstadt to leverage synergies among each other. We are creating a unique network in Germany for the promotion of promising AI startups. 

More successful AI Startups in Germany!


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