AI Ecosystem Partner

As an AI lighthouse, we want to give AI startups access to all AI players from the Northern German region, to network within the community and to bundle resources and grow sustainably through regular exchange.

Do you come from the AI Ecosystem of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region or Northern Germany and would like to support AI Startups as a partner or are you interested in possible cooperation opportunities?

Metropolregion Hamburg AI Ecosystem

This is an overview of businesses that currently provide AI technology, AI solutions and are also service providers helping businesses with the implementation of AI.

German Startup Landscape

The AI Startup Landscape includes private start-ups with their headquarters in Germany which were founded after 2009. These businesses use Machine Learning (ML) to a great extent.

Source: appliedAI


If you’re a company that wants to keep up to date with the state of AI research and applications, become part of the AI.STARTUP.HUB. Here, you will get exclusive access to handpicked AI startups and their development status. Participate in selection processes, explore investment opportunities and discover new products for business. Become part of and benefit from the exchange in this – at least here in the north – unique network with members from research, universities, business, as well as associations, incubators and investors.