AI Accelerator Startups

AI Excellence made in Hamburg: Here you can find all AI Accelerator Teams of the AI.STARTUP.HUB. Click on the startup of your choice and go to its website or LinkedIn profile. Our startups are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Our accelerators benefit from our tailored coaching and mentoring program. As a community, they support each other through exchange and collaboration. Would you like the same for your startup? Then apply for our next batch!

Congratulations to the freshly graduated accelerators of the Winter Batch 2023! Great job – we wish you all the best for your future success. Keep on rocking!

Winter Batch 2023

Get to know our freshly graduated AI Accelerator startups from the Winter Batch 2023:

ACARiS (Pet Maintenance) | Dialogics (Productivity) | FOMA (Productivity) | Guard Technology (Industry) | honeepot (Sales & Marketing) | Happie Animals (Pet Maintenance) | FlowShare (Productivity) | neuroflash (Sales & Marketing) | Planningio (Industry)

Our startups are very communicative, so feel free to get in touch with them 🚀

Spring Batch 2023

These nine startups below participated in our second batch (April 23 – September 23) in the AI.STARTUP.HUB.

Winter Batch 2022

These nine startups below participated in our second batch (October 22 – March 23) in the AI.STARTUP.HUB.

Spring Batch 2022

These eight startups below have participated in our first batch (May 22 – September 22) in the AI.STARTUP.HUB.