AI Ideation Teams

AI Innovation from Hamburg: Here you can find all the Ideation Teams of the AI.STARTUP.HUB. Simply click on a startup and you will be taken to the LinkedIn profile or website. The teams look forward to hearing from you!

Our ideation teams are supported by experts and mentors from prototyping to founding. They benefit from sharing ideas and insights with other teams and the AI community. Sounds good? Then apply for our next batch!

Summer Batch 2024

Let’s set sail for the AI Ideation Program of the Summer Batch Teams 2024! Come on board and get to know the new AI STARTUPS here::

Adler | Denker | | Mieterbot | Upaib | VeRise | xivr

Our teams are very communicative, don’t wait long to get in touch with them 🚀

Winter Batch 2023

Get to know our freshly graduated AI Ideation Teams from the Winter Batch 2023:

AIA (Education) | AskDelphi (Productivity) | PRESADA (Presentation Coach) | Deepstudy (Education) | bettersoon (Pet Health) | Nexustar (Logistics)

Our teams are very communicative, so feel free to get in touch with them 🚀

Summer Batch 2023

Our teams from the Spring Batch 2023: Ecoterrabot, Hivesound, mindling, Scandium, and TextileML. Find out more about them here.

Winter Batch 2022

Our teams from the Winter Batch 2022: DPEL, qops, UrbView and shaanty. Find out more about them here.