Mentoring Program

Teams from the AI Ideation and AI Accelerator Program benefit from our distinct network of experts offering business and deep tech coaching across a wide range of skills and industries.

Our mentors are established business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and investors who love what they do and want to pass on their experience. Along all stages of development – from idea generation to business model validation and expansion into new markets – they will guide you.

Dr. Christine Bauhofer

Tutech Innovation GmbH / Freiberuflerin

Consultant at Tutech Innovation GmbH. Freelance business coach.

Dr. John Lange


Co-Founder AI.FUND, AI.Hamburg

Martin Mahn

Tutech Innovation GmbH / Hamburg Innovation GmbH

Managing Director, CEO at Tutech Innovation GmbH, Hamburg Innovation GmbH

Petra Vorsteher



Ragnar Kruse

AI.Hamburg / AI.FUND / AI.Invest GmbH

Co-founder of AI.HAMBURG, AI.FUND and CEO of AI.Invest GmbH

Dr. Uve Samuels

Exponential Innovation Institute GmbH

CEO and Founder

David Küstner

Synergeticon GmbH

Managing Director

Tim Cortinovis

Tim Cortinovis

International Keynote Speaker and Sales Automation Expert

Gunnar Brune

Tricolore Marketing / Narrative Impact / AI.HAMBURG

Business Startege und Storyteller

Holger Ahlers

Tutech Innovation GmbH

Intellectual Property Manager

Ingo Hoffmann

AI.FUND / IBHO Management / ADI Innovation

Managing Director, Founder, Board Member

Heidrun Twesten

Impacct GmbH / EQUALIZER Podcast

CEO, Co-host

Malte Krohn

Coach, Consultant, Author

Anselm Fehnker


AI Projectmanager

Dr. Pascal Wichmann


AI Projectmanager

Werner Bogula


AI Projectmanager

Markus Weidner

Tutech Innovation GmbH

Innovation Manager

Stefanie Mager

Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting

Brand-Based Marketing Consultant

Jan Schnedler

Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC)

Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer