AI Startup Roadshow: Unlocking the Potential of German AI

Read more about the 10 handpicked startups that pitched in New York City and Palo Alto.

Read more about the successful US Roadshow and key learnings for the German AI ecosystem.

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Handpicked for AI Excellence

  • The Elite 10: Only the top 10 startups were hand-selected to join our US tour, each already running high-impact, substantial, and scalable operations.
  • Startups Mentored: 150 AI startups have benefited from our comprehensive education and training sessions over the first 2 years.
  • Program: 4-Year Program Supported by German Government.

Pitching Startups

36ZERO Vision enables manufacturers to achieve zero-defect production at maximum capital efficiency by leveraging its best-in-class foundation model and a fully software-defined product suite.

Cyreen specializes in the development of novel, highly effective retail media technologies for brick-and-mortar retailers and FMCG advertisers.

dealcode AI is a co-pilot for any B2B sales team to achieve 10x sales efficiency. Using autonomous sales AI agents, it streamlines repetitive tasks such as identifying leads, refining data for the CRM, crafting the perfect outreach messages, and prioritizing the right deals.

dpv-analytics takes cardiac care to the next level: best-in-class AI analysis enables mass ECG screeings for the first time – from smartwatches to ECG Holters. Medically certified and tested 10,000 times.

Energy Robotics combines a hardware-agnostic robot operating system, cloud-based fleet management, and AI-driven data analysis for automating operations and unmanning industrial infrastructure. Customers include Shell, Aramco, Chevron, BASF, E.ON, and more.

Exazyme unlocks annual savings of millions of dollars in pharma production by using AI to design chemical catalysts.

FUSE-AI develops intelligent AI solutions for radiologists to detect lesions in MRI and CT images faster while reducing misdiagnoses.

neuroflash is an AI content generation platform for marketing teams and SMEs that uses multilingual modern language models to automatically generate professional text suggestions on any given topic

Streamboost, a leading AdTech company, utilizes advanced Media AI to enable brands to advertise on the most popular livestreaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube and effectively reaching millions of young viewers. is an AI tool which uses Generative AI & Machine Learning to make design easier, faster and smarter than ever for the Fashion industry.

The Top 10 AI Startups have been trained by the Leading German AI Startup Hubs:


Was established as a part of Hamburg’s digital innovation ecosystem. Supports the growth of AI startups in Northern Germany.


Was established in Berlin, Germany. It is a specialized center dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence entrepreneurship.


Located in Darmstadt. The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence is a unique institution supported by 13 universities bundling their expertise.


Strengthens Munich’s innovation landscape by connecting key stakeholders, including startups, corporations, and academia.

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