MLE Days 2023 – Summer School and Conference for Machine Learning in Engineering!

MLE Days 2023 – Summer School and Conference for Machine Learning in Engineering!

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About the event

🚀 Join Us at MLE Days 2023: Ignite Your Passion for Entrepreneurship and AI Innovation! 🌟

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of startups, technology, and artificial intelligence! We’re excited to extend a warm invitation to MLE Days 2023, the ultimate convergence of entrepreneurial insights and cutting-edge AI exploration.

🚀 Inspiring Keynotes: Learn from the trailblazers of the startup world as they share their journeys from ideation to success. Gain actionable insights that can transform your entrepreneurial aspirations.

🌟 AI Innovations Unveiled: Dive into the heart of artificial intelligence. Explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and potential applications across industries, shaping the future of business and technology.

đŸ€ Connect with Visionaries: Network with fellow attendees, including investors, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. Forge valuable connections that could spark collaborations and new opportunities.

🔍 Interactive Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops led by experts. Acquire practical skills and strategies to navigate the intricate landscape of startups and AI.

🎁 Engage and Enjoy: From delectable culinary experiences to exclusive event swag, we’ve curated every detail to ensure your time at MLE Days is not only enriching but also enjoyable.



Wednesday, 27.09.2023


Start of Day 3 & Networking


Opening from MLE and AI.STARTUP.HUB

Audimax I

Robotics & AI
Ecoterrabot: A robot that destroys weeds.
Exagol: A robot that finds veins and draws blood.

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No Robotics & AI
Qops – Get AI automatically in your tools
Cybersec – Prevent cyber attacks with AI and quantum computing
CO2OPT – Up to 10% savings in fuel costs & CO2emissions
Shaanty: Treating depression and burnout through AI

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Coffee Break & Networking in Forum


Why founding is just awesome
Founders’ report on the most emotional moments and reports from the Startup Port.

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How I build a startup
From a problem to an exponentially scalable product.

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Lunch & Networking



The best AI model for my problem

Room: tba
  We disrupt Amazon and Otto

Room: tba
  With online marketing to the top

Room: tba
  Mega disruption with generative AI

Room: tba

Pitch Jam: The wildest pitch event of the century

Participants pitch their idea, Startups pitch positions, Startups pitch challenges.

Professors pitch research gaps, Corporates pitch problems, You pitch what you want.

Award session for the best pitch at the end

Audimax I
16:30 How do we want to change the world with AI

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17:00 Closing & Get Together in the Foyer

End of the 2023 MLE Days

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2023-09-27 , 10:57 to
2023-09-27 , 10:57



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