Our Startup DPV-Analytics Is Rocking On The Stage

It’s unfortunate that in Germany, thousands of patients at risk for cardiac arrhythmias are not diagnosed due to the traditional long-term ECG, which is time-consuming, personnel-intensive, and expensive. However, DPV-Analytics is a spin-off of the prestigious Cardiologicum Hamburg,  with a vision to set new standards in long-term ECG diagnostics and heart and stroke prevention. Founded in 2018, DPV-Analytics is committed to making long-term ECG diagnostics more accessible, affordable, and efficient for both doctors and patients. Carried with this mission, DPV Analytics now can provide a heart check device for a smart heart promotion for 4.90€. 

The story between AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg and DPV-Analytics began through our Acceleration Winter Batch 2022 program. Our six-month AI Acceleration Program offers a range of services, including Investor Readiness & Financing, Go-to-Market & Digital Multi-Channel Marketing, AI Startup Academy, AI Ecosystem Connector, Corporate Matching, AI & Tech Support, International Scale-Up, Workshops, and Mentoring. DPV-Analytics participated in this program with us and successfully completed it in March.

DPV-Analytics has developed the Ritmo System Health Check device, which utilizes the latest hardware and software and does not require any cables or buttons. This user-friendly device can be easily worn by patients on their chests while moving, and physicians can access the results through the software’s physician-validated analyses. All processes on the portal strictly adhere to the DSGVO and the highest security standards. The Cardio Check is now available as of April 24th this year, which is great news! For further information about DPV-Analytics, please visit their website here.

We are thrilled to receive this wonderful news about our startups being featured in the media by Abendblatt. Seeing DPV-Analytics succeed is a great source of pride for us, and we are enthusiastic about supporting even more startup companies that align with our mission of enhancing the AI ecosystem in Germany.


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